Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dovecote and the locals

It has only taken nearly the whole year, but here is my lovely Dovecote given to me last Christmas by my sister.  It was in a raw wood state and I finally got to painting it.  It took a while to decide if I should paint it or not, but I wanted the true look of the white ones and am really happy with outcome.  All friendly birds welcome, just don't poop on it!

In other news our local 'Nightjars' (similar to an owl) are back visiting us again.  This one is so camouflaged against the log I almost threw a stick at it.

This is the partner, they travel in pairs apparently.  They have settled in their old nest at the front of the house after testing out a few of our trees, cubby house and logs.  Below is a picture from October last year with the baby.  I hope we get the same again this year.
So cute and fluffy!


  1. Hi Jenny - I so want one of those bird houses. How cool that the Nightjars keep coming back to you. I don't think I've ever seen one before.

  2. Your bird house is wonderful as are those amazing birds. You really do live in a little slice of heaven. xxx

  3. Love the dovecote. She looks gorgeous.


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