Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nervous rain......

Thankfully the first part of the day back to school for the kids was dry, which meant all books and pencils got there in once piece and not all wet and soggy.  From there on however, it has been set in constant rain, even during the night.  So much so that school has been closed today.  Our driveway has a torrent of water running down the hill and across the road into the lake.  Thankfully we are on high ground but I can see the creek next door has risen dramatically.  I am sure all Queenslanders are feeling very very nervous this week.

I hope this never happens but I definitely need one of these umbrella stands this week and maybe a new pretty umbrella.

Images via Pinterest

I hope you are having a good week and staying dry.


  1. Yes, this rain does make you nervous after last year. We had a power cut too last night and at one stage the rain was so loud you couldn't hear yourself speak. Fingers crossed it eases soon as predicted.

  2. The must be a lot of rain for school to be shut. I feel for everyone up there stressing out about the rain. Let's hope there are no serious consequences :)

  3. It has been a horrible week of rain. Kids and rain = indoors all day for 3 days in a row. Let's just say wine has been on the menu every night in this house!!! Ange

  4. Hi Jenny, such wonderful photos, so agree about the rain

  5. Hi Jenny,
    i found your blog through
    i love your Nook
    we are building a house on the gold coast and my kitchen to has been inspired by A-M.
    i look forward to going back through your blog today.
    Bathrooms are my thoughts for today so hopefully your blog will help me out today.
    Pen :)

  6. What a difference - Sunshine Today!


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